The Tools Captain Cook Probably Wished He Had

Captain James Cook was from England and he chartered and discovered New Zealand and Australia. Sailing towards the southern continent from England was never easy. He had to go through a lot in order to save his ship and his men.

In retrospect, Captain Cook’s journey would have been easier if only he had tools available now that were not present then.

Compass and Google Maps

Of course, these tools were not available at that time. People were still trying to discover places in this world. However, if he already knew where he was heading, it would have been easier for him to reach his destination. He would not have even lost his men or die on his way back. These tools would have made the journey a lot easier as he could easily navigate the waters.


Lack of vitamins was believed to be the reason for his untimely death. It also affected the rest of the people who were with him during the journey. Of course, they only had limited food to eat. They also could not store the food that they brought with them to make them last the entire trip. They may have preservation techniques, but they were not enough to give them the kind of nutrients their bodies need. If only there was fridge at that time, none of them would have died of nutrient deficiency or hunger.


Imagine how they built the ship used for the voyage. It would have taken them months or even years just to finish the entire thing from scratch. If only they had chainsaws at that time, it would have been a lot easier. They could have finished the ship in less than half the time required. They could even do more with the tool during the actual journey. You are lucky that you can easily buy one if you need a chainsaw and find out more about the details at

There are a lot more tools that would have made Captain Cook’s life easier. Nevertheless, he has accomplished a lot despite the fact that he didn’t have everything he needed.

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