How Were Skin Issues Dealt with during Captain Cook’s Time?

Captain Cook lived in the 18th century where almost all resources were scarce. Despite that, he was able to bring his team to places. Sadly though, most of them died from conditions that could have been easily treated had they lived today. Captain Cook himself suffered from skin problems along the way.
Back then, most people utilised natural herbs to treat skin problems. They didn’t have the same medicines that we enjoy right now. Here are some examples of ancient remedies for various skin conditions.


This remedy goes way back during the time of Cleopatra if historians are to be believed. It helps the skin have extra glow. In fact, until today, saffron oil is still used by women in Indian and Morocco. It is believed to have improved complexion in general. If you are interested in using it today, you just have to mix a pinch of saffron with melted coconut before placing the mixture in your face. It is best used at night before sleeping.

Sea salt

Obviously, Captain Cook used this treatment as it was perhaps the easiest to access. They were always on the open waters. According to historians, even geishas made use of sea salt to have flawless skin. People in the past made use of sea salt when bathing. They even massaged their faces with it. This does not just improve complexion, but it also helps treat skin conditions. It also makes the skin firmer and tighter.

Green tea

We now understand the importance of green tea for our health. It contains antioxidants. Back then, it was used mainly to make the skin looking bright and fresh. It contains polyphenols, so it is perfect when used in cleaning the face. You can find people placing green tea mask on their faces. It is also believed to help treat acne. You can use it today, but you have to thoroughly rinse it using warm water.

Coconut oil

Even before, coconut oil had been used to make the skin glowing. Not only does it help treat certain skin conditions, it also improves the hair. If you see women with shiny locks in the past, it was with the help of coconut oil. In fact, this is something that we all enjoy until now. We still make use of coconut oil in almost any product for improving the body.


During 5000 BC, honey was already used. It was considered a stable product. It contains anti-microbial and antibacterial properties. Back then, it was used in treating pimples and other more serious skin problems.

Over the years, studies were made on how to improve skin treatment. We are lucky to have lived in today’s time when we no longer have to make everything from scratch. There are medicines readily available to treat certain problem. For instance, you can just find the best treatment for scalp psoriasis in a drug store. You don’t have to look for raw materials just to treat this problem. There are ways to prevent it from ever coming back.

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