What Were the Living Conditions of Captain Cook Like?

endeavour-103222_640You can only imagine how difficult it was for Captain Cook leading his men during the exploration. To begin with, it happened during the time when there were no modern navigation tools available. They also have to do everything through manual labor. The ship was filled with hundreds of men and all of them are under his responsibility. Thus, you can only think of how difficult the Captain’s life was. Ship captains of today have a much better working environment than Captain Cook has ever experienced.

Disciplining the men

This is a part of his responsibility. He needs to be in control. There are hundreds of men inside that ship. They can be rowdy at times. They have very rigorous task. They can be out of control too especially if they lack food or they feel really tired. All of them must be taken care of by Captain Cook.

Avoiding diseases

One of the reasons why a lot of his men have died is because of scurvy. It was a serious disease that killed a lot of people. He not only needs to find a way to stop the disease from spreading but also avoid being infected himself. It was easy to transmit and there was no known cure especially at that time.

Difficult sleeping condition

The most difficult part perhaps was to sleep during the voyage. He just can’t close his eyes and sleep. He needs to secure the ship first. He also has to fight huge waves. If there are emergencies and other problems, he needs to wake up and it could happen any time.

The situation during the voyage is definitely beyond one’s imagination. However, Captain Cook still managed to achieve his goals and provided his men what they need. He has led the crew to victory. He might not have the best conditions, but he has still survived. He has also conquered different places.

You are lucky to not have experienced what he has. You are sleeping comfortably in your own home. You might even have the best rated mattress, which is totally comfortable.

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Did Captain Cook have a house? And what was it like?

5087054897_26b7920694_bNot only did Captain Cook become a household name in Australia, but so was his cottage. You might have already heard about the Cook’s Cottage. It is the place where his parents lived. If you are keen to know about the story behind it, it was in 1755 when the cottage was constructed. It was in the English village called Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. It was owned by Captain Cook’s parents, James and Grace. It was unknown though whether Captain Cook actually lived in that cottage and for how long. It is clear though that he has at least visited the place where his parents lived.

In 1933, long after the Cooks have lived in the place, the owner has decided to sell it to the highest bidder. He agreed to sell it on the condition that it remains in England. The highest bidder though was an Australian. The owner surprisingly sold it and has also changed the conditions so that the term England becomes Empire.

Moving to Australia

Since the acquisition of the property, it was decided that the cottage be broken down brick by brick and transported to Australia. The entire property was packed in 253 cases and 40 barrels. It was then rebuilt in Australia and has stayed there since then. It was ultimately donated to the people of Victoria during the centenary anniversary of its settlement in Melbourne. Until now, people flock to the place and it has become a hot tourist destination. In fact, in 1978, further restoration work has to be done in order to keep the integrity of the cottage. An English cottage garden was also created around the cottage to make it look like the actual location where the cottage came from.

What was inside?

Since the Cooks lived in the 1700’s, the furniture used had the designs popularized during that era. Sadly though, a very few of the items still left in the cottage came from the original items found in the Cook’s cottage. Most of the items placed there though copied the designs that became popular at that time. Therefore, visiting the place will walk you back in time. The place is very simple, but still provided a good place to live in for the Cook family.

A lovely home

Generally speaking, the cottage was simple and pretty ordinary. However, due to its historical sense, it is a popular destination. One thing is for sure though, Captain Cook’s parents were able to fill him with love and supported him whatever his decisions were.

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Voyages Around The World By James Cook

ctodhbpvaaasf4yBorn on 27 October 1728 in a place called Marton-in-Cleveland, James Cook grew up as the second son of a Scottish couple who were very eager to get their son lead a great life.

First Voyage (1768 – 1771)
The first voyage James Cook set for was during 1768 -1771. He decided to approach
New Zealand and meanwhile discovered the strait known as Cook Strait between the islands.
It was during this trip that he discovered several islands near Australia. James Cook was appointed as a lieutenant and commanded the ship-The Endeavour. It left Plymouth in August 1768.

5ec6b9_2b4458039235461a9d28cb4d29c53ba8-mv2Second Voyage (1772 – 1775)
The famous second voyage took place during 1772 -1775. The aim was to discover if there were any continents that lay in the south Pacific regions. In 1773, James Cook reached the shore of Cook islands. He called them Harvey islands. The ship James Cook commanded was the Resolution. They were accompanied by the Adventure led by Captain Furneaux. Cook searched all the regions from Africa towards New Zealand. He roamed the areas around New Caledonia and also discovered Sandwich Archipelago. These two ships became famous for holding the device called chronometer for the first time. John Harrison who was a famous clockmaker created a model of this.

Third Voyage (1776 – 1779)
The third voyage will always be remembered with a sense of loss as it was during this expedition that James Cook lost his life. He was trying to find a way north of America. He approached America after going around Africa. The Northwest Passage was their main aim. They wanted to find the much talked about shortest route between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There were two ships during this voyage, the Resolution led by Captain Cook and the Discovery led by Lieutenant King. Unfortunately, during this trip, James Cook was killed by Hawaiian warriors who thought they were invaders.

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Life And Death Of Captain James Cook

cookdeathCaptain James Cook is renown around the world for his dangerous expedition across unchartered territories in the eighteenth century. He managed to visit six continents during his voyages across the ocean. His expeditions consisted of three voyages across the Pacific Ocean over a span of around eleven years from 1768 to 1779. He mapped the coastlines of Newfoundland, New Zealand in addition to the southeast coast of Australia. He used his superior cartographic and surveying skills to create large scale maps which then went on to be used by sailors for over two hundred years.

james-lifeCaptain James Cook displayed physical courage and ability to lead men in adverse conditions which helped him sail across thousands of miles of uncharted oceans across the globe. During his first voyage, he successfully observed Venus cross the sun which was actually a cover up for his actual goal which was to discover a southern continent. It was during his first journey that he made contact with New Zealand and Australia, but as he travelled further south towards Antarctica, he had to turn back due to the cold. His second voyage enabled him to discover the Hawaiian Islands which he initially named the Sandwich Islands.

Captain Cook’s third and final voyage was made to find the Northwest Passage across North America. Even though this mission was not accomplished, Cook managed to make some other noteworthy discoveries during the voyage. After his third voyage, Cook returned to the Hawaii Island at Kealakekua Bay. After he had stayed there for a month, he attempted to resume his explorations, but due to the breaking of the mast of his ship he had to return to the Bay for repairs to be done. Eventually, Cook and his crew ran into some trouble, and he was stabbed to death as a result of his attempt to kidnap the King of Hawaii.

The First Voyage Of Captain James Cook

james-cook-voyageCaptain James Cook set forth on his first voyage from England Plymouth Harbour on 26th August 1768. The HMB Endeavour had a crew made up of ninety-four men who had been instructed to set sail for Tahiti to observe as well as record the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun. Captain James Cook was an accomplished navigator, surveyor and astronomer who commanded the ship and issued instructions to the crew. Interestingly, the mission of observing the Venus transit was to cover up for the real mission of the voyage which was to explore the Southern Ocean for unknown southern land.

james-cook1Captain Cook had been issued instructions from the Admiralty to explore the unchartered waters of the Southern Ocean in a bid to discover new land. His superior skills in surveying and cartography were one of the reasons for being entrusted with such a dangerous mission. Once the Endeavour reached Tahiti in April of 1769, the crew were able to observe the transit of Venus across the sun on June 3. The ship was then commandeered towards the south by Captain Cook and mapped New Zealand before spotting Australia on the 19th of April 1770 and claiming it for the British Crown. Cook named it New South Wales. Cook and his crew finally returned to England in July 1771 after a voyage that lasted for three years.