Did Captain Cook have a house? And what was it like?

5087054897_26b7920694_bNot only did Captain Cook become a household name in Australia, but so was his cottage. You might have already heard about the Cook’s Cottage. It is the place where his parents lived. If you are keen to know about the story behind it, it was in 1755 when the cottage was constructed. It was in the English village called Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. It was owned by Captain Cook’s parents, James and Grace. It was unknown though whether Captain Cook actually lived in that cottage and for how long. It is clear though that he has at least visited the place where his parents lived.

In 1933, long after the Cooks have lived in the place, the owner has decided to sell it to the highest bidder. He agreed to sell it on the condition that it remains in England. The highest bidder though was an Australian. The owner surprisingly sold it and has also changed the conditions so that the term England becomes Empire.

Moving to Australia

Since the acquisition of the property, it was decided that the cottage be broken down brick by brick and transported to Australia. The entire property was packed in 253 cases and 40 barrels. It was then rebuilt in Australia and has stayed there since then. It was ultimately donated to the people of Victoria during the centenary anniversary of its settlement in Melbourne. Until now, people flock to the place and it has become a hot tourist destination. In fact, in 1978, further restoration work has to be done in order to keep the integrity of the cottage. An English cottage garden was also created around the cottage to make it look like the actual location where the cottage came from.

What was inside?

Since the Cooks lived in the 1700’s, the furniture used had the designs popularized during that era. Sadly though, a very few of the items still left in the cottage came from the original items found in the Cook’s cottage. Most of the items placed there though copied the designs that became popular at that time. Therefore, visiting the place will walk you back in time. The place is very simple, but still provided a good place to live in for the Cook family.

A lovely home

Generally speaking, the cottage was simple and pretty ordinary. However, due to its historical sense, it is a popular destination. One thing is for sure though, Captain Cook’s parents were able to fill him with love and supported him whatever his decisions were.

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