Life And Death Of Captain James Cook

cookdeathCaptain James Cook is renown around the world for his dangerous expedition across unchartered territories in the eighteenth century. He managed to visit six continents during his voyages across the ocean. His expeditions consisted of three voyages across the Pacific Ocean over a span of around eleven years from 1768 to 1779. He mapped the coastlines of Newfoundland, New Zealand in addition to the southeast coast of Australia. He used his superior cartographic and surveying skills to create large scale maps which then went on to be used by sailors for over two hundred years.

james-lifeCaptain James Cook displayed physical courage and ability to lead men in adverse conditions which helped him sail across thousands of miles of uncharted oceans across the globe. During his first voyage, he successfully observed Venus cross the sun which was actually a cover up for his actual goal which was to discover a southern continent. It was during his first journey that he made contact with New Zealand and Australia, but as he travelled further south towards Antarctica, he had to turn back due to the cold. His second voyage enabled him to discover the Hawaiian Islands which he initially named the Sandwich Islands.

Captain Cook’s third and final voyage was made to find the Northwest Passage across North America. Even though this mission was not accomplished, Cook managed to make some other noteworthy discoveries during the voyage. After his third voyage, Cook returned to the Hawaii Island at Kealakekua Bay. After he had stayed there for a month, he attempted to resume his explorations, but due to the breaking of the mast of his ship he had to return to the Bay for repairs to be done. Eventually, Cook and his crew ran into some trouble, and he was stabbed to death as a result of his attempt to kidnap the King of Hawaii.

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