The Life Of A Great Man –James Cook

9f2d09037718c50ec3644962e339b8f0Let’s brief the life of the great traveler James Cook in a timeline.

27 October 1728- This year is famous as it was the year when the great explorer James Cook was born at Marton in the province of Yorkshire in England.

1758-While on service in Royal Navy, James Cook learnt the art of military surveying with the help of the plane table.

1763-1767-James Cook studies the coast of Newfoundland by conducting many summer voyages near the shore.

April 1768-Lt. James Cook was appointed to lead the British expedition, HMB Endeavour to the Pacific.

August 1768 – Cook started on his first Pacific voyage. The HMB Endeavour departed from Plymouth and visited Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia.

3 June 1769 – The famous Observation of the transit of Venus was done at Tahiti.

1769-1770 – The circumnavigation of New Zealand was done for the first time.

28 April 1770 – Cook reaches the Botany Bay in Australia.

10 June 1770 – the ship HMB Endeavour met with an unfortunate accident when it hit against the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It took around two months for it to get repaired on a place on the banks of the Endeavour River which later came to be known as Cooktown.

13 September 1770 – When Cook reached the Possession Island, he claimed that the British possession of the east coast of the Australian continent is done

July 1771 – The first Pacific voyage of Cook is over.

July 1772 – Cook started on his second Pacific Voyage. HMS Resolution and HMS Adventure depart – travels in Antarctic Circle, New Zealand, Polynesia and Melanesia

1773-The Publication of an official account of the first voyage which was edited by John Hawkesworth

July 1775-The Second voyage ends with the arrival of HMS Resolution in England

July 1776-Cook’s third Pacific voyage starts
HMS Resolution and HMS Discovery depart from Plymouth – They search for the much talked Northwest Passage in northern Pacific passage and also visits New Zealand, Hawaii, Polynesia

March 1777-Publication of George Forster’s ‘Voyages round the world’

May 1777-Publication of official account of the second voyage – written by James Cook, edited by John Douglas

1778- Observations made during a voyage round the world ‘by JR Forster’s was published
May 1777-This year saw the publication of the official account of the second voyage which was written by James Cook and edited by John Douglas

14 February 1779-James Cook was killed cruelly at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii by a group of Hawaiian warriors.

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