The Unfortunate Death Of Captain James Cook

download-1485-low_jamescook-2The third voyage of Captain James Cook took him to Kealakekua Bay of the Hawaii Island where he was eventually murdered by the natives of the island during his attempt to kidnap the King of Hawaii. In 1778 Cook was the first European to set foot on the Hawaiian Islands. Initially, Cook and his crew were given a warm welcome by the islanders. Cook restocked his ship with provisions by bartering with the natives using metal. The ship was then commandeered by Cook back to the ocean to continue with his voyage.

cooknavyAfter a year, Cook returned to the Kealakekua Bay. This Bay was considered sacred by the islanders under the protection of Lono, the fertility god of the Hawaiians. Cook and his crew took advantage of the islanders’ religious beliefs and good will and exploited them for three months. When one of the crew members died unexpectedly, the islanders recognized the Europeans as mere mortals and relations between them became strained. Following this strain in relations, Cook set sail on February 4, 1779, from Kealakekua Bay but had to return after a week at sea due to damages caused by rough sea waters.

The natives of the Island welcomed Cook and his crew back by hurling stones. The natives also managed to steal a small cutter vessel from the ship forcing the Europeans to negotiate with King Kalaniopuu for the return of the vessel. In an attempt to take control of the situation, Cook set forth to kidnap the King and his attempt was failed as he was killed by the natives. His ship returned to England immediately following this incident.

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