Voyages Around The World By James Cook

ctodhbpvaaasf4yBorn on 27 October 1728 in a place called Marton-in-Cleveland, James Cook grew up as the second son of a Scottish couple who were very eager to get their son lead a great life.

First Voyage (1768 – 1771)
The first voyage James Cook set for was during 1768 -1771. He decided to approach
New Zealand and meanwhile discovered the strait known as Cook Strait between the islands.
It was during this trip that he discovered several islands near Australia. James Cook was appointed as a lieutenant and commanded the ship-The Endeavour. It left Plymouth in August 1768.

5ec6b9_2b4458039235461a9d28cb4d29c53ba8-mv2Second Voyage (1772 – 1775)
The famous second voyage took place during 1772 -1775. The aim was to discover if there were any continents that lay in the south Pacific regions. In 1773, James Cook reached the shore of Cook islands. He called them Harvey islands. The ship James Cook commanded was the Resolution. They were accompanied by the Adventure led by Captain Furneaux. Cook searched all the regions from Africa towards New Zealand. He roamed the areas around New Caledonia and also discovered Sandwich Archipelago. These two ships became famous for holding the device called chronometer for the first time. John Harrison who was a famous clockmaker created a model of this.

Third Voyage (1776 – 1779)
The third voyage will always be remembered with a sense of loss as it was during this expedition that James Cook lost his life. He was trying to find a way north of America. He approached America after going around Africa. The Northwest Passage was their main aim. They wanted to find the much talked about shortest route between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There were two ships during this voyage, the Resolution led by Captain Cook and the Discovery led by Lieutenant King. Unfortunately, during this trip, James Cook was killed by Hawaiian warriors who thought they were invaders.

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