What Kind of Boots Would Captain Cook Have Worn?

ship-1366926_640Captain Cook was famous for having discovered Australia. He was sent on a voyage to explore the islands located in the Pacific Ocean. He was commissioned by the British Royal Navy to do the job, but was also sponsored by the Geographical Society. He is a smart and brave man who has led his people in braving the torrents of the sea and eventually reached his goal.

For a man like Captain Cook, he had a certain stature in the team he was leading. He was highly respected and he was really powerful. Otherwise, he would not have succeeded in his mission and in guiding the people to a direction he wanted to.

In case you are curious on what type of clothing he has worn, no one can know for sure. There were no photographs yet at that time to serve as concrete evidence. We can only make speculations based on the types of clothing that became popular at that point in history.

Obviously, he has worn a very thick coat since he has to travel through very rough seas at really low temperature. He also had to wear something which is quite oversized just to make him look more outstanding.

In terms of his footwear, he had to wear boots. He has to maneuver the ship and he also has to step out of it if they dock in certain places. A strong pair of boots would protect his feet and keep them from getting wet. He also had to endure heavy duty tasks while inside the ship and only a sturdy pair of shoes can meet the demands of his job.

Today, there are lots of footwear types to choose from. If you want something that resembles what Captain Cook wore, you might want to check out the most comfortable steel toe boots. They are also expected to be used for tough environments, but they won’t make your feet feel tired. You can be the next Captain Cook by simply wearing these powerful boots. If he was able to lead his men to achieve greatness, you can too.

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