What Were the Living Conditions of Captain Cook Like?

endeavour-103222_640You can only imagine how difficult it was for Captain Cook leading his men during the exploration. To begin with, it happened during the time when there were no modern navigation tools available. They also have to do everything through manual labor. The ship was filled with hundreds of men and all of them are under his responsibility. Thus, you can only think of how difficult the Captain’s life was. Ship captains of today have a much better working environment than Captain Cook has ever experienced.

Disciplining the men

This is a part of his responsibility. He needs to be in control. There are hundreds of men inside that ship. They can be rowdy at times. They have very rigorous task. They can be out of control too especially if they lack food or they feel really tired. All of them must be taken care of by Captain Cook.

Avoiding diseases

One of the reasons why a lot of his men have died is because of scurvy. It was a serious disease that killed a lot of people. He not only needs to find a way to stop the disease from spreading but also avoid being infected himself. It was easy to transmit and there was no known cure especially at that time.

Difficult sleeping condition

The most difficult part perhaps was to sleep during the voyage. He just can’t close his eyes and sleep. He needs to secure the ship first. He also has to fight huge waves. If there are emergencies and other problems, he needs to wake up and it could happen any time.

The situation during the voyage is definitely beyond one’s imagination. However, Captain Cook still managed to achieve his goals and provided his men what they need. He has led the crew to victory. He might not have the best conditions, but he has still survived. He has also conquered different places.

You are lucky to not have experienced what he has. You are sleeping comfortably in your own home. You might even have the best rated mattress, which is totally comfortable.

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